Family bushcraft activities

Wild North Discovery

Bushcraft and wilderness survival skills in North East England (Durham and Northumberland), Kielder and the North Penninnes

Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Fire lighting - a key bushcraft and wilderness survival skillLearn all about the full range of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills with a qualified trainer who's being doing it for 30 years:
  • basic fire lighting, fire by friction, fire in wet conditions, cooking on fires, carrying fire,
  • bushcraft hunting bows and their use, tracking and stalking, willow fish traps,
  • survival shelter construction, use of tarpaulins and knots,
  • water collection and treatment,
  • useful bushcraft plants, natural cordage,
  • wild food and wild medicine,
  • basic baskets and containers, knife and tool skills.
Come on a pre-planned bushcraft and wilderness survival skills session or choose your own programme from the comprehensive range of activities for half a day to a full week. We offer a range of family bushcraft activities too.

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Family bushcrafts

Bushcraft survival skills day 

Bushcraft survival skills weekend

Essential bushcraft survival skills week

Fire lighting

family buschcrafts
bushcrafts survival course bushcrafts lean to debris shelter
bushcraft course tinder fire bundle
We run several bushcraft activities designed for family groups which include fire lighting, survival shelter building and even an overnight in your shelter....... find out more about family bushcraft sessions Shelter, fire, food and water
A one day bushcraft introduction to the basic survival skills
........ find out more about bushcraft survival skills day
Aimed at beginners and those with some basic bushcraft  knowledge. You’ll learn the key wilderness survival skills ........ find out more about bushcraft survival skills weekend  You’ll explore in some depth key wilderness survival skills and you’ll get plenty of practice with expert guidance in developing your skills ....... find out more about essential bushcraft survival skills week You’ll learn several different ways to light a fire in the wild without matches including with flint and steel ...... find out more about fire lighting

Fire by friction

Hunting bows

Willow fish traps

Foraging for wild food

Animal tracking and stalking

fire by friction
hunting bushcrafts bow
willow wicker fish trap
wild food foraging - fungi
tracking animals - roe deer prints
You’ll learn the ultimate in fire lighting techniques, fire by friction using a bow drill ........ find out more about fire by friction Learn how to make a bushcraft hunting bow and
learn to use it
........ find out more about hunting bows
Make a fish trap from willow using an ancient design 
........ find out more about willow fish traps
There's plenty to eat growing wild for foraging it's just a matter of knowing what's safe and what isn't  ........ find out more about foraging for wild food  Learn the signs to look out for. Practice stalking and camouflage and have a bit of fun along the way ........ find out more about animal tracking and stalking

Camp fire cooking

Survival Shelters

Essential bushcraft  plants

Basic baskets and clay pots

Programmed bushcraft events

cooking on an open camp fire
debris emergency bushcrafts survival shelter
cord made from bark willow basket Shelter building at Hamsterley Forest
Set up a camp fire for cooking and use the different areas of the fire for different cooking techniques ........ find out more about camp fire cooking Shelter is essential survival skill; make an emergency survival shelter using the materials found around you
and learn to use a tarp
........ find out more about survival shelters
Learn the key bushcraft plants you'll need from making useful cordage to tools and medicines ........ find out more about essential bushcraft plants Learn the techniques for making basic baskets from hedgerow materials using willow and learn to make primitive clay pots ........ find out more about basic baskets and clay pots We run bushcraft activities in the events programme for the Forestry Commission and for Northumbrian Water at Leaplish .......... find out more about programmed bushcraft events