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Bushcrafts, wild food foraging, red squirrel and forest wildlife safaris bird watching and family activities at Kielder in the North East of England

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Wild North Discovery at Kielder Water and Forest Park in partnership with the Forestry Commission 

We run a busy events programme at Kielder Water and Forest Park. The activities range from wildlife and nature exploration to bushcrafts and survival activities. In addition to the programmed activities at Kielder Castle you can also book any activity from our full range for a day and time that suits you; just drop us an email or give us a ring and tell us what you'd like to do. Follow this link for activities at Kielder Waterside (Leaplish).

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Events Calendar Kielder Castle 2019

MarchDark Skies Star Gazing

Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills
April 7 Red Squirrels Safari

14 Forest Wildlife Safari

14 Family Bushcrafts
May28 Family Bushcrafts
July6 Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills
August 5 Family Bushcrafts Survival Challenge

12 A Night Safari at Kielder Castle

19 Red Squirrels Safari

26 Forest Wildlife Safari

12 Foraging for Edible Wild Mushrooms

26 Family Bushcrafts

28 Dark Skies Star Gazing

Forest Wildlife Safari

3 Essential Bushcraft Survival Skills

Gift Vouchers

The ideal present; buy a half or full day activity gift voucher open for use on any of our activities emailed direct to you.