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Wild North Discovery

Bushcrafts, wild food foraging, birdwatching, wildlife, nature and ancient craft skills in North East England and the North West Highlands of Scotland

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Bushcrafts cooking fireSurvive the Hunger Games

Would you survive the Hunger Games?

In the Arena more die from lack of survival skills than combat. Before entering the Arena the trainer Haymitch’s advice was simple:


Be ready when the reaping sends you to the Capitol as your District’s Tribute. Learn the skills you need. Without these skills Tributes die in the Arena.
  • Make a bow and learn to use it
  • Develop your hunting and tracking skills
  • Treat your wounds and illnesses using wild plants
  • Discover how to make fire even in the pouring rain
  • Make a shelter that will camoflage you and protect you from the weather
  • Learn how to use tools and your bush knife
  • Make strong cord from the plants you find
  • Tie brilliant knots  - don’t fall out of your tree!
  • Find out which plants kill and which you can eat
  • Collect and make water safe to drink
Your training schedule

Arena Training Day 1
  • The secrets of fire
  • Bow making and target practice
  • Water
Arena Training Day 2
  • Bow skills hunting practice
  • Tracking and stalking
  • Advanced hunter gathering skills - edible, poisonous and healing plants
  • Shelter, cordage and knots
Training is only open for those of reaping age (12 to 16)
9.00am to 5.00pm each day

Cost: 150 each for first two people, 50 per additional person

Booking: Ring or email to check places are available in the first instance tel. 01388 529154 or email then fill in and return the booking form (by email or post) and make your payment by cheque or click on the button below to pay online.

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Your trainer: Bruce Ferguson has been using survival skills and sharing them with others for 30 years. He will be your trainer to prepare you for the ordeal that you are about to face in the Arena. Bruce is qualified to teach bushcrafts through the Institute for Outdoor Learning and is DBS cleared.

Training base: Harehope Quarry, Frosterley

Selection options

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