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Corporate team building activities with Wild North Discovery in North East England, the North Pennines, Northumberland, Durham and Kielder

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Corporate Team Building Challenge

Fire lighting - a key bushcraft and wilderness survival skillA wilderness survival challenge and problem solving corporate team builder

Your light airplane has crash landed in dense forest hundreds of miles from civilisation. You have no food or medicine or matches to light a fire and the weather looks about to take a turn for the worse. How will you survive?
In teams solve the problems and stay alive! At the end of each stage in the corporate team building day the activity leader will check to see what you’ve done and at the end of the day you will discover how many of your group made it through. This really is an excellent corporate team building activity.

Heal and eat

Which doctor?

You have problems. Someone was injured in the crash and has a gaping wound, several other people are ill with diarrhoea, someone has a bad mouth infection, one has a bad cold, someone else has stomach pains and you’ve got a head ache with all the worry!

Collect the plants you need and prepare the medicines to treat the problems you face.

Bush Tucker

Check out the wild tucker on offer.

Plant tucker – make a salad but watch you don’t put anything poisonous into it.
Bug tucker – a bug hunt with a difference!

Stay dry, keep warm

Stay Dry

You look up to the sky and in the distance dark ominous clouds are gathering. Your best guess is you have about an hour before a really heavy rain storm is going to hit you. You need shelter but there’s none to be had. You’ve got to make your own.

Keep Warm

You know it will be cold tonight and that large wild animals hunt in the forest. A good camp fire will keep you warm and safe from unpleasant surprises in the night! You search the wreckage of the plane for matches or a lighter but all you find is some odds and ends in a box.

You actually have everything you need to start a fire. If you fail you’ll be cold tonight and even worse things than shivering may befall you! The sun sets in an hour and a half. Good Luck!

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Berghaus making the most of their corporate day with Wild North Discovery

: Full day or half day

Cost: 75 per person for first two people plus 25 per additional group member for full day option. Half day option is 85 for first two people and 15 per additional person

Booking: Ring or email to book a day and time that suits you; tel. 01388 529154 or email enquiries@natureholiday.co.uk then fill in and return the booking form (by email or post)

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Further information: Bring a packed lunch.

The corporate team building day activity leader is qualified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning to teach bushcrafts to groups and has been involved in bushcrafts and woodland skills for over thirty years. He is DBS cleared.

Location: North Pennines - Harehope or Hamsterley Forest, Weardale or Kielder

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