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fire by friction using a bow drillFire by friction

The ability to light a fire in any conditions is a central survival skill

Fire is one of the oldest skills known to mankind. It warms us, dries us, makes water safe to drink, cooks our food and lifts morale. Fire by friction is an ancient method of creating fire the origins of which are probably tens of thousands of years old. Armed only with a knife a bushcraft practitioner should be able to get a fire going by making a bow drill using only what is around. We'll give you that knowledge.
  • You'll learn which materials are suitable for making the bow, the drill and base
  • you'll learn how to recognise and select those materials
  • you'll learn how to make cord that you could use to string the bow in the absence of modern materials
  • you’ll learn how to create a hot coal using the bow drill
  • you'll learn how to generate a flame from that hot coal
  • you’ll learn how to build the flame up into a fire
  • you’ll learn how to manage the fire from start to finish to minimise impact on the surroundings
Duration: 3 hours

Cost: Prices from 21 each for a group of 10, 30 per person for first two people, 15 per additional group member. Individual one-to-one booking available at 60.

Booking: Ring or email to book a day and time that suits you; tel. 01388 529154 or email then fill in and return the booking form (by email or post) and click on the button below to pay online.

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Further information: Minimum group size two; maximum 12. Participants should be 16 or over.

The activity leader is qualified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning to teach bushcrafts to groups and has been involved in bushcrafts and woodland skills for over thirty years. He is DBS cleared.

Location: North Pennines - Harehope or Hamsterley Forest, Weardale or Kielder

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