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Bird watching, wildlife and nature exploration in Upper Teesdale, Co. Durham

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Black grouse in Upper TeesdaleWild Upper Teesdale

Black grouse, ring ousel, merlins, golden plovers, rare wild flowers in unspoilt hay meadows and a stunning landscape all go to make Upper Teesdale perfect

Upper Teesdale really is a gem for wildlife watchers; large areas are so good and so important that they are designated as National Nature Reserves. Upper Teesdale is not only a perfect place to see black grouse in greater numbers than you are likely to see them elsewhere in England, everywhere in spring and summer are the evocative calls of waders such as golden plover and curlew. There's always a chance of seeing peregrine and merlin as the habitat in Upper Teesdale is perfect for them. There are wild, open spaces with alpine plants found nowhere else in England; there are hay meadows full of rare grassland plants such as globeflower; there are large stretches of rare juniper woodland; there are truly beautiful rugged river landscapes. Part of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - satisfaction guaranteed in Upper Teesdale even on the wildest of days!

Duration: day or full day

Cost: Half day: 85 for first two people, 15 per additional group member. Individual one-to-one booking available at 85.

Full day: 75 each for first two people plus 25 per additional group member. Individual one-to-one booking available at 150.

Booking: Ring or email to book a day and time that suits you; tel. 01388 529154 or email then fill in and return the booking form (by email or post) and click on the button below to pay online.

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Further information: Minimum group size two; maximum 12. Participants should be 16 or over.

The activity leader has over thirty years experience in leading wild watching activities and is DBS checked.

Location: North Pennines AONB - Upper Teesdale

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